SYNERGY SOCCER sponsors boys and girls select soccer teams in the greater Green Bay area and is operated to provide training and playing opportunities for players who want to compete at a higher level.


    • Practice: The best way to improve as a player is to develop the skills, conditioning and knowledge required of the game. We highly recommend players maintain their fitness and practice individual soccer skills outside of organized team activities. We also recommend players maintain a healthy diet, hydrate and get plenty of rest.

    • Games: Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before game time and be mentally and physically prepared to play. Players who are not in the game are expected to know what is happening on the field and to encourage and support their teammates.

    • Attendance: Please notify your coach if you are going to miss a game or practice. Game and practice plans are prepared in advance. If you skip, it impacts this preparation and everyone on the team. Soccer is not your top priority in life but you do have a responsibility to the team to be prepared and know what we are doing on the field.

    • Uniforms: All players must purchase the basic kit consisting of one light jersey, one dark jersey, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks. Backpacks and other pieces will also be available for purchase. Players are responsible to bring both jerseys to every game. No jewelry is allowed so please remove it before practices and games. Uniforms should only be worn for games.

    • Attitude: Positive attitudes promote trust and teamwork. Players are expected to support one another through the highs and lows of the season. Games are competitive and played to win but our primary objective is player development including teamwork and sportsmanship … winning is only one measure of success.

    • Player Development: Success on the field is a function of having confidence in oneself, teammates and coaches. Confidence is gained through experience and preparation which is why practice is so important. We don’t expect perfection and think it is wrong to put that kind of pressure on players. However, we do emphasize playing with intensity and to the best of one’s ability.

    • Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Together and Have Fun!


  • CLASSIC (10U-19U)

    • Spring/Summer League | $300 Player Fee (includes Off-Season Training, League Registration, Tournament Fees (2), Insurance & Referee Fees) + $75 Volunteer/Fundraising Fee*

    • Fall League | $125 Player Fee (includes League Registration, Tournament Fee (1), Insurance & Referee Fees)

    • Spring/Summer + Fall Leagues | $375 Player Fee (includes Off-Season Training, League Registration, Tournament Fees (3), Insurance & Referee Fees) + $75 Volunteer/Fundraising Fee*

    • Fall/Winter Indoor Leagues (player fee is calculated in proportion to session/team cost)

    • Uniform | ~$120 new (price may vary; may be worn for multiple seasons; used kits may be available at a discount)

*Rebated once commitment is satisfied.


    • Spring/Summer League | $95 Player Fee (includes League Registration, Insurance & Referee Fees)

  • TOPSOCCER (Special Needs Program)

    • Fall & Spring Sessions (2 x 5 week sessions) | Free

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One of the biggest challenges facing all youth sports is a referee shortage and this is having a huge impact on youth soccer. If you are interested in becoming a referee (minimum age 13) or have allowed your certification to lapse and want to renew, please contact the Additional information is available at